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The USU Challenge Course is managed by:

Schedule Group Events

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   To Schedule an Event

Choose one of these ways to schedule:

We can bring our Teambuilding Programs to any off-site location, at any time.

Options for Length of Event:

  • 2-Hour Program
    Includes 1 icebreaker, 1 energizer, 3-4 low elements, and debriefs (NO HIGH ELEMENTS)
  • 4-Hour Program
    Includes 1 icebreaker, 1 energizer, 4-5 low elements, 2-3 high elements and debriefs
  • 8-Hour Program ( w/lunch break)
    Includes 1 icebreaker, 2 energizers, 5-6 low elements, 4-6 high elements and debriefs

* We are also happy to customize any length of program for you.

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