Academic Groups:

"I had such a great experience that I'm going to implement it into an executive education course that I'm planning for next year. Eventually, it will be held four times a year. Your facilitators were well prepared, energetic, and encouraging. They really made our group connect, which has helped us continue to work as a team off the course."
- Business Ambassadors

"Awesome experience! Our students still talk about it."
- USU Huntsman MBA

"I think the USU Challenge Course provides an excellent experience for our students and the staff is great to work with!"
- USU Admissions

"Love the Challenge Course and the students love it too! The facilitators took excellent care of us and provided a valuable experience for the peer advisors to take in their role with the students they help and those they come in contact with on a daily basis. Thanks to all of you!!"
- USU Peer Advising

"I want to thank you for being willing to do our course a little earlier in the morning than you normally do. This helped us out a lot. Patrick was great. He knew our objectives by heart and asked questions throughout, making sure we connected the dots. Jake was very patient and helpful. It was a great experience."
- Huntsman Business Ambassadors


"We've used USU's Challenge Course for several years with our leadership group. We've looked around at other similar courses, but always return to what we've found to be tried and true to help us accomplish our goals. We've found this course to be just what we need to kick off our program. Thanks for your service!"
- Davis Chamber of Commerce

"They came to us and we held a team building inside. They were unique in the techniques that they used and it was a fun activity. Thanks for coming to us and giving us a nice break from our meetings!"
- Winder Farms

"I've been through extensive leadership training, and always learn more each course I take. This was a great 'think outside the box' experience, as well as a challenging physical test due to the high events. Zip line was a great finish"
- HAFB Weather

"Thanks! We had a wonderful time and can't wait to do it again next year!"
- Malt-O-Meal


"I have been with my team to the Challenge Course four years in a row and every year it has gotten better. Our experience this year far surpassed my expectations. It was a very exciting and enlightening experience. Keep up the good work."
- USU Gymnastics

"The Challenge Course is a wonderful tool to help build unity and communication with groups. I would strongly recommend that anyone in Logan take the opportunity to participate and strengthen their skills. It is a great team building opportunity."
- Global Academy

"This was our third year of bringing our Global Academy students to the course for team building. The Challenge Course is a major highlight of every program! See you next year!"
- USU Global Academy

Youth Groups:

"We had a good time. Thanks for accommodating all the students and being patient and understanding with them."
- Mount Logan Middle School Life Skills

"One of our girls got sick during the events, and your staff was so wonderful to help out. One of your staff that was medically trained and she was helpful, knowledgeable, and so sweet to our sick little cheerleader. Thank you so much for having a well trained staff. Also, one of your facilitators was a cheerleader so she was able to relate the activities specifically to the sport of cheerleading. I know the girls really enjoyed this and were able to apply their activity at the Challenge Course to their cheer experienced. So great! When I told the girls we were going to the Challenge Course, they got so excited. It is something they look forward to each year. And, every year we come, the girls have a blast and leave having had an enriching experience. Thank you for a great time."
- Air-Bound Angles All Star Cheerleaders

"Everything was wonderful. The leader took extra time with our group and we really appreciate it. We had a testimony meeting afterwards and the kids all wanted to talk about how they had grown during the Challenge Course. THANK YOU so much!"
- Hunter 36th Ward

"The lead instructor was awesome (Bentley). He included all the youth and adult making it fun and a positive learning experience, no wall flowers here. He even climbed the leap task and talked a nervous and hesitant adult into accomplishing said task (very smooth), she now is more confident in other aspects of her life! The youth are already planning to return next year!!"
- Smithfield 4th Ward

"Our group absolutely loved your Challenge Course presentation that you brought to our comp location. I heard nothing but positive, rave reviews, from girls and leaders alike. We especially liked that you were so willing to come to us instead of us having to drive up to your location on USU campus. Thanks so much for making our Girls Camp that much more memorable!"
- Earley Park Girls Camp

"This was an excellent opportunity for our youth to get literally outside as well as to get outside themselves. They learned to cooperate and they learned that others' ideas and methods might just work as well as their own."
- Hobble Creek Stake

"It was a great experience for our youth: they enjoyed the experience and grew closer as a roup."
- Farmington 6th Ward

"We loved it! It was a great activity for our youth! Something many of the kids have never experienced! It allowed everyone the opportunity to overcome fears and challenges and become united at one! Thanks Again!"
- Fairview 2nd YW/YM

"We had a great experience and appreciate how people friendly you are. Two thumbs up for your customer relations!"
- Weber FFA

"Many thanks for an excellent program. The kids and all of the chaperons really enjoyed it. Even the students that are normally quiet and reserved found they had a voice and could be active members of the team. And perhaps next time I'll be able to flush out the pheasant!"
- Centennial High Orchestra

"The USU Challenge Course has been one of the most fondly remembered experiences of my students – and they have been on a lot of field trips! Many thanks for providing an excellent and thoroughly enjoyable leaning opportunity for my high school orchestra!"
- Centennial Chamber Orchestra