The Utah State University Challenge Course provides a fun, educational approach to learning principles and applying these principles to a wide variety of real world situations in both your personal and professional lives. Programs are designed to create strong, cohesive teams and develop the skills necessary for success in any organization. Experience the unique learning atmosphere the USU Challenge Course can offer your organization!


The USU Challenge Course is operated by certified professional facilitators who train and inspire groups with their knowledge, enthusiasm and facilitation skills. The specific goals and objectives of each group are considered foremost in developing the group's planned activities on the course.

The goal of any program at the USU Challenge Course isn't just about doing activities for fun – it's about doing activities that provide teams and individuals with experiences that apply to specific aspects of their lives, while having fun.

Check out our groups and programs at the USU Challenge Course. USU students, faculty, and staff; youth organizations; families; government institutions; and corporations all benefit from USU's "Challenge by Choice."

The mission of the USU Challenge Course is to improve communication, leadership and teamwork skills through challenging and experiential activities. We believe in "Challenge by Choice." While the choice is up to them, participants are encouraged to get out of their comfort zone and go one step further than they think they can.

"We've used USU's Challenge Course for several years with our leadership group. We've looked around at other similar courses, but always return to what we've found to be tried and true to help us accomplish our goals. We've found this course to be just what we need to kick off our program. Thanks for your service!"
- Davis Chamber of Commerce


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